The Journey Continues

My journey began what seems to be just a short time ago, doing freelance design work on my small, wooden drawing table in my foyer while my 6-month-old napped and his 5-year-old brother was playing with neighborhood pals. My first client was a friend-of-a-friend landscape architect that needed a logo. After completing that design job, things took off from there for me, as I incorporated my agency and signed contracts with local and regional clients such as auto dealers, hospitals and real estate developers to multinational corporations such as Party City, Bayer and BASF.

Then came my 20-year stopover in the realm of “corporate America”, where I looked for ways to make a difference every chance I had. From helping companies create their brand identities/sustaining strategies and producing products by which the world would engage with them, to sitting on the board of directors of a regional hospice organization, to walking 3-Day Breast Cancer events with colleagues, to mentoring people through job changes, college applications and internships, to being a part of delighting and entertaining millions of people – to this day where I can finally take every fiber of who I’ve grown to become and offer it to all who seek a very unique – and personal – solution to their business needs.

I have recently entered the world of real estate full-time, first with a 4-year tenure as marketing director of a boutique luxury brokerage in Scottsdale and now as a Realtor®. This has afforded me an incomparable 360º view of real estate marketing from “both sides of the desk” – and puts me in a great position to assist other agents with their custom marketing efforts.

Through all the twists and turns, one thing I know for sure is that, even though the cries of my artistic soul might have been muffled at times, they were never silenced. It’s now time for the next part of my journey – taking that step to combine all of my experience, skills, talent, and passions into a marketing and design agency, offering a toolbox full of diverse instruments to provide great value.

I hope that what you see and feel here will resonate with you and that our paths will cross soon. A beverage and conversation might lead us to some pretty exciting common ground – and to more great destinations along our journey together.